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Jack--You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be.

Welcome to

TheMesof Jack

and his Many Mes

"Order comes from freedom as freedom comes from order." Anonymous

"The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates

"The uneventful life is not worth examining." Jack

"This is what we can expect of a man, that he be useful to other men.." Seneca

"Homo sapiens, the first truly free species, is about to decommission natural selection. Soon we must decide what we wish to become." Edward O. Wilson

You arrived here through one of my 13 Domain Names below. Each Name expresses a universal "TheMe" that represents one of my "Many Mes". I hope the material on this website convinces you to practice my philosophy of "Personally Responsible Freedom". I invite your comments and connections to me:

A brief explanation of each Domain Name: sums who I have become after 70 turns about our Sun--my Integrating I composed of Many Mes. Use my Resource to Source Yourself!

This is the HOME PAGE as "TheMesOfJack", my pun on the word "Themes" as divided into "The" and "Mes" of Jack...expressing my many different identities I have tried on over my 70 years. This is the "Introduction" to me, Jack (of All (Free) Trades). is about freeing yourself from being a Slave Traded or a Trader of Slaves to a Freed and Free Trader, Self-governed and ready, able and willing to voluntarily exchange your Self-Worth for Other-Value. extends my Beginning and its End out to share my Care for the Common Human Cry in recognition that Apart From, therefore, A Part Of. offers a professional (and amateur) service for LIfe and Executive Coaching that can be done online or in Auckland. Use Me to Be More YOU! addresses the need to be Free From in order to be Free For. argues that you should abandon Gods, Gurus, and Governments and Trust in Yourself as your only final Authority. avers the Love of Wisdom leads to the Wisdom of Love. proposes Self-Knowledge as the true goal of Education. invites other Freed and Free Traders worldwide to consider my traveling to their homes/communities to exchange my Good and its Service for theirs. is about a new concept for a Boutique Hotel/Personal Development Retreat, where those attracted to Self-and-Other-Knowledge can go to Source themselves. is a public proposal for doing away with the Number 1 source of Dictatorship in the world today: how our "Money Life Blood" has been commandeered by a tiny cabal/cartel of "Banksters" and their 1% Financial "Wolves" (Wall Street Profiteers)--and what we can do to remove them from parasitically living off of our work. We can BAN THE BOND! (after the 60s slogan "Ban the Bomb"). Do not buy any central government bond as it is this Money from Hell that is behind the wars and poverty worldwide. is a proposal for Parents anywhere in the world (beginning with China) to startup a "Eutopia" (Good Place) in Minds and on Earth where their Children and Themselves using the Montessori Method along with William Glasser's Choice Theory and Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training can learn and practice Personally Responsible Freedom in a supportively Peaceful and Prosperous Community. is about Life Coaching specifically exploring the "Hole" in your "Whole". It focuses on Loss from death to divorce...any kind of separation you to Manage the to tune into Creative Destruction and tune out of Destructive Creation.

Go to my "About Jack" page here for an autobiographical introduction to EveryMan Jack of All Trades & Traders.

My Credo: No Gods, No Governments, No Central Banks--

Host No Ghosts or Zombies!

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