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University of You

E.B. Castle wrote in Ancient Education and Today, "The Greeks believed that the greatest work of art they had to create was a Man. They were the first to regard education as a means of moulding human character in accordance with an ideal. We become educated, cultured, by continuous searching. The personal culture thus attained is a man's Paideia, the thing for which he is born, the sum of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic qualities that make him a complete man."

The end that I intend for University of You, is for us, together, to create a “Great Good Place” – a time/space – Virtuous Reality – where we can explore The Great Question: What are humans for? And open The Great Door: Why Freedom? Into The Great Wall: Who should Control Whom?

The University of You will be enacted through “FreeEaching” which rhymes with Teaching and Preaching but has entirely different ends.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe

There is no Freedom Foruntil you are Free From

I help you locate – and then, if you choose, help you break – those links of your genetic and cultural conditioning that control you. Then you can control yourself and choose to create new linkages with other individuals living the Human Condition freely, responsibly, sympathetically and knowledgeably. 

U of You: Breaking the GeneMeme Circuit into the Spiral of Mature Growth is the FreeEach process.

“All honor be to those who give/Their lives in learning how to live.” George Dillon

"Self-knowledge…made social is the principle of control upon which the emergent culture may…make itself stable.” Philip Rieff

Consider the Character strengths and virtues: A handbook and classification that represents the first attempt on the part of the research community to identify and classify the positive psychological traits of human beings.

I.Wisdom and Knowledge (Cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition & use of knowledge) 1.Creativity 2.Curiosity 3.Open-mindedness 4.Love of learning 5.Perspective

II.Courage (Emotional strengths that involve the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external & internal) 6.Bravery 7.Persistence 8.Integrity 9.Vitality

III.Humanity (interpersonal strengths that involve tending & befriending others) 10.Love 11.Kindness 12.Social intelligence

IV.Justice (civic strengths that underlie healthy community life) 13.Citizenship 14.Fairness 15.Leadership

V.Temperance (strengths that protect against excess) 16.Forgiveness & mercy 17.Humility/Modesty 18.Prudence 19.Self-regulation

VI.Transcendence (strengths that forge connections to the larger universe & provide meaning) 20.Appreciation of beauty & excellence 21.Gratitude 22.Hope 23.Humor 24.Spirituality

These six Strengths comprising twenty-four Virtues enables U of You to have a clear description of the ideal person that should “graduate” on whatever levels they are capable of achieving.

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