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"From each according to his Freedom; to each according to his Responsibility". The Personally Responsible Freedom Manifesto

Free Friends Book Downloads

Here are some of my favorite books--Free & Freeing--that I think will prove to you the worth and wisdom of practicing Personally Responsible Freedom:

(Note: click on the underlined parts below which will download the book to your computer. Also Note: several of these books are in the "epub" format while the others are in PDF. You can get the Adobe Reader that will allow you to read this epub version and then, if you wish, you can convert it to PDF.)

1. The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, 3rd edition, 1998, America

I think this is THE BOOK you need to read RIGHT NOW! Why? Because MONEY is our LIFEBLOOD and whoever controls IT, controls US who must use it. This book will prove to you how and why you are controlled by a small group of "Banksters" and what you can do about this. My response to this FACT of BANKSTER CONTROL is to invite you to join me on to cut off your "Blood Supply" to them, Do NOT FEED THESE ZOMBIES! That is, do NOT INVEST IN ANY GOVERNMENT BONDS in any country. Make a CHANGE! do not make money on BLOOD MONEY!

2. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne, 2nd edition, 1997, America

The first book to begin your journey towards Personally Responsible Freedom, easy to read, non-academic--a real, true, Self-Ruler there for you to touch and learn from.--Good thinking! 

3. The Market for Liberty by Morris and LInda Tannehill, 1970, America

This will continue your journey to Responsible Freedom, giving you detailed reasons for why Government is an Unnecessary Evil--every aspect you might consider you need Government will be refuted with irrefutable logic and historical reality. Read and Free yourself from your self-sanctioned Rulers!

4. The Mature Mind by Harry A. Overstreet, 1949, America

A favorite for many years! Learn about what true "MATURITY" OR "WISDOM" is. I named my first website: Linkages For Life, after his words: "The life that is rich and happy is one that is fulfilling its possibilities through creative linkages with reality. A mature person is not one who has come to a certain level of achievement and stopped there. He is rather a maturing person—-one whose linkages with life are constantly becoming stronger and richer because his attitudes are such as to encourage their growth rather than their stoppage."

5. The Psychology of Romantic Love by Nathaniel Branden, 1980, America

Here is THE BOOK you need to read if you would understand what is termed AUTHENTIC or ROMANTIC LOVE. If you understand and practice what this kind of rare love is, you will be fulfilled in your relationships if you can find another who is capable of living this along with you. A key idea is that of “Admiration” or value of another. The following are quotes from the book: “Authentic love between a man and a woman rests on and requires the free choice of each and cannot flourish in the context of submission to family or society, or religious authority; such love is based on admiration and mutual regard; and love is not an idle diversion but is of great importance to one's life. In the highest love we are admired for the things we wish to be admired for, and in a way and from a perspective that is in accord with our own view of life. 

We are drawn to consciousnesses like our own. Romantic love entails a profound and shared sense of life. A sense of life is the emotional form in which we experience our deepest view of is the emotional corollary of a metaphysics...reflecting the subconsciously held sum of our broadest and deepest attitudes and conclusions concerning the world, life and ourselves. A 'soul mate' is one who shares, in important respects, our sense of life. In receiving admiration we feel visible, appreciated, loved, and thus reinforced in our love for our partner. In experiencing and expressing admiration, we feel pride in our choice of mate, confirmed in our judgement, and strengthened in our feelings of love. Two lovers who profoundly admire each other know a form of delight that is a continuing source of fuel to romantic love. When high self-esteem people fall in love, admiration is most likely to be at the core of their relationship."

6. Pairing by Dr. George R. Bach and Ronald M. Deutsch, 1970, America

For single women and men or those in a relationship from new boy/girl friends to long-timed marrieds, this the THE BOOK, that you must read IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO EARN A TRULY INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP--WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL MOST DESIRE!!! It pulls the Masks of Fear of Abandonment or Fear of Engulfment off our faces and exposes us to the Sunlight of Being Known for Who We Are. Quotes from the book: "This could be love Now, is at once a promise and a threat. The promise is that an intimate longing may about to be fulfilled. The threat is that it will not be. This anxiety of love is primarily a fear that the other person will not feel love...of being used, exploited, manipulated; of being swallowed up and controlled; of being kept at a distance or being drawn too close; of becoming dependent of being too much depended upon. The greatest fear is the fear of losing love. And the greater the affection grows, the greater grows that fear. A choice must be made the moment these feelings appear. The would-be lover must decide how to manage that fear. There are two ways. The first is the usual way - denying the fear, glossing over the realities [of incompatibility] that produce it. It is the smooth way at first, but in the end it brings mounting discomfort and is not likely to lead to intimate love. The second is the [mature] pairing way. It may appear unsettling, but inwardly it relieves the fears and tensions, and is the sound path to intimacy."

8. Love Sense by Sue Johnson, 2013, England

A very approachable rendering of the "Attachment Theory" that basically says the relationship you had with your mother (or whoever took her place) for the first 0 to 3 years has shaped the kind of relationships you have had and will tend to have as an adult (although you can change your early experience imprint if you understand Attachment Theory). There is considerable empirical evidence to back up this theory. I think this book can be a most useful way for you to understand the how and why of your past intimate relationships and allow you to create a relationship that is maturely responsible for its freedom. The 3 Attachment Patterns that tend to dictate your current relationships are: 1.Secure--around 60%?  2. Insecure Anxious (I need you) and 3. Insecure Avoidant (I don't need you)--these two make up the other 40%.

9. The Money Bubble by James Turk and John Rubino, 2013, America

The book begins with this quote: 

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” – Robespierre. This is the book you must read along with #1 by Griffin. The book is not an historical expose of the "Ruling Elite--Banksters" as Griffin's book is. Rather, it is an up-to-date analysis of the worldwide "Money Bubble" caused by "Fiat Financing" (the irresponsible creation of currency/money from literally nothing) and why it WILL BURST and VERY SOON, effecting everyone in the world to varying degrees! This book will PREPARE YOU!

Then they state the main theme of the book:

“Because we view fiat (i.e., government created and controlled) currencies as the root cause of the financial world’s many problems, we see the failure of these currencies and their replacement with something better as both inevitable and imminent. Because gold was humanity’s money of choice for the 3,000 years prior to 1971 – during which time it worked very well – we think it will be central to the coming transition. Society will simply go back to tried-and-true money, on terms that are extremely favorable to those who own gold today.” They continue: “Our problem is with how the ability to create money out of thin air has corrupted what was once a society based on free individuals living self-directed lives without undue fear of governmental power. The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is rapidly being eroded by endless interventions abroad and pervasive surveillance, regulation, and coercion at home – and the growing threat of government confiscation of private assets.” And they end their book on a Rainbow Hope: “Extremely hard, chaotic times are coming. But they will pass. And the period that follows will be amazing, as a wide range of breakthrough technologies coalesce to give our grandkids a rich, free, clean world. In the meantime, as the old saying goes, crisis equals opportunity.” 

10. Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver by Michael Maloney, 2008, America

This is the 3rd of the books on the World Economy you need to read after #1 and #9 above

From a summary of this book:

"This is a great education book about real money. Mike reviews sound money principles that have lasted throughout human history. One thing is consistent and that is Gold and Silver are real money. In today’s world of fiat currencies, Gold and Silver are tools you can use to preserve and protect your wealth. Mike reviews the differences between currencies, real money and fiat money. Fiat currency is basically paper money not backed by anything. We will go into some detail on why this is dangerous and the average investor should at least understand the significance of debased money and bloated fiat currencies. With the 2008 economic meltdown along with Ireland, Greece and other bankrupt countries, we as small investors need to be educated so we can protect ourselves. Why is this important to me? This is important because the greatest wealth transfer is happening right now and that transfer is moving away from America and not toward us. This needs to be a priority if you want to protect yourself and your family. Several things are happening but 90% of the general public does not truly understand it. The Federal Reserve is a private institution that is not regulated and not audited. They control the financial system. To summarize, what does this mean? This book and others like it will help you take control of your own destiny. It is recommended you should hold 10% of your assets outside the financial system. When you put all your money in the bank and there is a run on the bank and it fails, you do too. Holding physical gold and silver as real money eliminates this risk."

11. Precondition for Peace and Prosperity: Rational Anarchy by Richard and Ernestine Perkins, 1971, Canada

This is the book I recommend you read along with books #2 and 3—all three are on the possibility, then responsibility, of living free of the State/Government. That is, as I put it, you should consider banishing ALL GOVERNMENTS from your mind in terms of giving them your consent—which most do whether consciously or not. Politically put, this means you will become an ANARCHO-LIBERTARIAN, more generally known as Anarcho-capitalist. The Perkins’ book is short (155 pages), if not sweet, and rigorously reasoned as the title suggests. This was the first book I read directly on getting to know my “Prison of Ignorance” concerning The State/Government I was unknowingly sentenced to by the usual “Mis-Education” nearly of us have had to, unfortunately, endure. Enjoy!

This is from Wikipedia article on Anarcho-capitalism:

“Anarcho-capitalism (also referred to as free-market anarchism, market anarchism, private-property anarchism, libertarian anarchism) is apolitical philosophy which advocates the elimination of the state in favor of individual sovereignty, private property, and open markets.”

12. Ante Oculus--from Ch. 10: The 40 principle doctrines of Epicurus--4 pages--for my InterNations Philosophy Group: please download this and print it out or put it into your phone/tablet to bring with you.

13. Introduction to the Epicurean Reader--6 pages--for my InterNations Philosophy Group

18. Ohmae Kenichi from Fifty key figures of management--5 pages--for my Skimatalk clients: an biographical and critical introduction to him.

19. Key points of The Mind of the Strategist by Dan Power--7 pages--for my Skimatalk clients: a summary of the book.

20. Managing in a Borderless World by Kenichi Ohmae--27 pages--article published 1989 in Harvard Business Review.

21. The Next Global Stage by Kenichi Ohmae--309 pages--book published in 2005.