Resource for Your Source: TheMes of Jack

"From each according to his Freedom; to each according to his Responsibility". The Personally Responsible Freedom Manifesto

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How Site is Organized

Welcome to Jack's Website: TheMes of Jack

Coming to you from Beijing, China!

This page is to introduce you to the Website 

as a whole to explain how it is organized.

The Website's Main Theme is "TheMes of Jack", 

his "Many Me's

that sum to his Philosophy:

Personally Responsible Freedom

Jack’s Site Order

All pages have at top: “TheMes of Jack”,

then just below that is the Title of the Page naming its “Theme”.

For example, note the "Theme" of this page you are reading is: "Site Map: How Site is Organized".

The site has 30 pages numbered consecutively 1 to 30

These 30 pages are divided into 8 Sections seen at the top of each page, beginning with:

1.TheMes of Jack    6.FreeEach    12.University of You    

15.Linkage for Life   20.Have Mind Will Travel    24.About Jack    27.Free Library   30.Site Map

(And the final unnumbered page is “Contact” where an email message can be sent to me.)

Each of the 8 Sections has consecutively numbered Pages below them that you can click on to go to (the one you are reading now, “30.Site Map” has no pages under it).

Here is how the 8 Sections are organized:

Note: below you can CLICK on any of the pages to go directly to them.

First of Eight:

1.Themes of Jack

Note: this page lists my 14 Domain Names that are linked to this website and explains their meaning or "TheMe" as one of my "Many Me's". Perhaps best to start here as there is a Video I made to express Who I Am: 

Love as Responsible Freedom. 

   2.Resource for your Source (Domain Name 1)

   3.Share my Values? Freedom & Responsibility, Peace & Prosperity

   4.No Gods, No Governments, There's a Place & Time for Us, Nowhere is Now Here! Get Free!

   5.Nature to be Commanded Must be Obeyed

Second of Eight:
   7.UruguaYOU (Domain Name 14)
   8.Freed Trader (Domain Name 3)
   9.Free Friends
   10.AuthoritYOU (Domain Name 4)
  11.I'm Thinking of You, Only to Fly

Third of Eight:
12.University of You (Domain Name 5)
   13.Meaning Montessori (Domain Name 6)
   14.Ban the Bond (Domain Name 7)
Fourth of Eight:
15.Linkage for Life (Domain Name 8)
   16.Limbic Life Line (Domain Name 9)
   17.Partners for Life
   18.Coach the Ache in You (Domain Name 10)
   19.Coach You Inc. (Domain Name 11)
Fifth of Eight:
20.Have Mind Will Travel (Domain Name 12)
   21.Integrity Inn (Domain Name 13)
   22.Wonder Inn
   23.Home for Hungry Hearts
Sixth of Eight:
24.About Jack
   25.July 4, Interdependence Day

Seventh of Eight:
27.Free Library
   28.Free Friends Book Downloads
   29.Hypocrisy: Two Case Studies: Echhart Tolle and Noam Chomsky

Eighth of Eight:
30. Site Map