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Freed Friends

The Free Friends Project Invitation

I would like you to consider the following and then act according to your best Reasoning based on Reality (Physics) and Truth (Correspondence to Reality).

1. What does it MEAN to be FREE?

2. What is STOPPING YOU from being FREE?

3. What can you DO to get FREE?

For me, these are the THREE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS you should be asking yourself.

My concise clarifications to the above questions:

1. I MEAN that to be FREE is to be able to ACT IN ANYWAY YOU CHOOSE

except to INTITATE PHYSICAL FORCE (or threat of this) TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. Notice I put no limits on WHAT YOU CAN DO. I only put one limit on what you CANNOT DO. You CANNOT INITIATE PHYSICAL FORCE. That is it. No other reasonable prohibition is required for a just morality.

2. What is STOPPING YOU is your Evolutionarily derived Brain-Mind.

That is, your Genes and Society/Culture/Family have programmed you to WANT to SACRIFICE your Self to a “Greater Power/Good”, whether THAT is labeled “Father”, “Mother”, “Family”, “God”, “Emperor/King”, “Nation”, “Party”, “Guru”, etc.—whatever “Cause” you choose to be the “Result” of.

By SACRIFICE I mean you give your life to Someone/Something (and it is always a “Someone”) else to “Serve”. That is, you choose (with or without awareness) to allow someone/something else to LIVE YOUR LIFE rather than You. It means your Life to You ONLY HAS MEANING IF IT IS A PART OF A LARGER WHOLE OTHER THAN YOU.

3. What can you DO to GET FREE, assuming YOU DO WANT to get FREE?

(And here is a most important “Deal-breaker” or Stop to all of the above for you: you MAY NOT WANT TO GET FREE. You may want to continue to Enslave your Self to your God, Government, Family, Party, etc. That is, to be Free as I have described it is not a positive choice, a reward for you; rather it is a negative choice, a punishment, and therefore, of course, you will not choose it. Or, from your perspective, you are NOT ENSLAVED but rather are SAVED. So be It.)

If you DO want to GET FREE of what I term, at the most basic driving level, the DNA DICTATOR, then you will have to begin a deep and extensive examination of your Self and Evolutionarily based Human History. You will have to read texts that I can provide to you—and explain to you—that will PROVE (or not) to you by empirical evidence the truth of what exists in these matters I am discussing here.

I ask you not to believe in me or anyone or anything else. But to use your best power of reasoning to decide for yourself what may bring you and those you most care for, the most materially wealthy and physically and psychologically healthy results. It is my judgment from 70 years of mainly considered orbits about our sun with feet learned to grip our spinning planet of slippery ideas that I have come to solicit your participation in what I term my “FreeFriends Community”.

Thus, if you become interested in me through the above words or others here on my website, my hope is you will begin to practice “Personally Responsible Freedom” which entails the four Virtues: 1. No Initiated Force 2. Private Property 3. Free Trade 4. Contractual Obligation.

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