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Jack Carney - Life/Executive Coach

Contact me to make an appointment for a FREE 30 to 60 MINUTE MEETING. Send me a message below here or go to Skype (Jack Carney) and leave me a message. Scroll below and consider the Coaching Questions to discover if Life/Executive Coaching for Self-Actualization is for You.

Dates/Times/Locations From Nov 27, 2016, Jack's Body resides in Auckland, New Zealand, moved there by his Worldwide Mind from Santiago, Chile. His main friends outside NZ are in Chile, Japan, China, and U.S.A. Take note of my NZ time when you make appointments to meet me. Check my availability on SATORI above.

Below are dates/times for the following cities,countries in descending order beginning with the furthest ahead in time globally:

  • Auckland, New Zealand

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Beijing, China

  • Santiago, Chile

  • Miami, U.S.A.

  • San Francisco, U.S.A.


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Hello to All Free Friends

This is Jack Carney asEvery Man Jack of All Trades in Auckland, N.Z.

CONTACT ME: Leave a message above or go to Skype for a FREE 30 to 60 MINUTE introduction session. If I am available I will answer you. If I am not available, leave a message when to meet. Please align your place/time to mine in Auckland, New Zealand (GMT/UTC +13:00)

"What humans can be, they must be. This need we call Self-Actualization." Abraham Maslow

"What humans must be, they can be. This work I call Self-Actualization." Jack Carney

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

"A man is a god in ruins. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." Plato



"Jack, a generic term for Man."

"Jack of All Trades is a figure of speech. A Jack of All Trades may be a master of integration. Such an individual knows enough from many learned trades and skills to be able to bring his disciplines together in a practical manner. This person is a generalist rather than an expert." Wikipedia




"If you wish to converse with me, define your terms." Voltaire

  • Wisdom: The experienced and enacted knowledge by which you achieve Security, Freedom and Love.

  • Security: The feeling you are freely valued and cared for by another and freely value and care for them in return.

  • Love: The free and intentional caring for another so as to increase their Freedom and yours.

  • Freedom: The will to be responsible for yourself to prevent others from controlling you.

  • Responsible Freedom: The highest condition a Human Being can attain which is the intentional, ongoing Self-Actualizing of Wisdom that achieves Security, Freedom and Love.

Note: the following three definitions are the earliest etymological meanings of the words.

Authority: to increase anything.

Autonomy: to live by your own laws.

Authenticity: self-achievement.

As your LIFE/EXECUTIVE COACH, I want to "INSPIRE you to be what you know you could be" as the Emerson quotation above puts it. The etymology of the words inspire, aspire, spirit, spirituality all come from the root Proto-Indo-European (s)peis- meaning "the breath of a god, the breath of life, life, to breathe". My practice as a Self-Actualized Life/Executive Coach is to first and foremost "breathe the breath of human life" into you, which for me is the WISDOM of Humanity found in such writings that have come to us through the persons known as Epicurus, Socrates, Confucius, Laozi, Eric Hoffer,

My coaching helps you UNCOVER, DISCOVER, RECOVER, and INTEGRATE what you MUST BE into what you CAN BE—which I term RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM. My goal is to provide you with Resources of Wisdom that Self-Actualized will gain you Security as Authority, Freedom as Autonomy, and Love as Authenticity that will lead you back wiser to Wisdom in an ever up and outward, enlarging and more inclusive, Spiritual Spiral that will leave you and the planet more prosperous and peaceful.

According to Abraham Maslow, the creator of the Hierarchy of Needs model with its 5th consummate level of Self-Actualization, only about 1% of the older (note emphasis) adult population can be considered as Self-Actualized. Do YOU want to be among that 1%?

I am one of the 1%. I demonstrate the Self-Actualization of Wisdom. What and How we Teach is Who We Are. I Teach my Self-Actualization so you can Learn Yours. I hope to get the opportunity to prove this to you. I invite you to compare me to others who make similar claims (read below).


There are two conditions to consider whether or not you are ready to engage Self-Actualization. The first is age. The second is you must have basically met the lower 4 “Deficiency Needs” (D-Needs) so as to be free to enact the 5th highest “Being Need” (B-Need) that operates out of sufficiency not deficiency. See below Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid visual.

Age--years for experience to be gained--is critical. Certainly, years do not necessarily equate to maturity defined as enacted wisdom. One can be 80 with the maturity of an 8 year old in terms of understanding the Human Condition. However, years lived are to a great extent necessary while never sufficient. Why? To Actualize a Self you must first have one. The unpleasant truth for "youth" (meaning immaturity of any age--years do not guarantee maturity) is that like a fine wine it takes time to mature wisely into your best--to know and grow your Self. Those young in wisdom tend to "snow and show"--"fake and shake" their Self. They are still seeking to answer LIfe's Question, "Who Am I?" with their actualized LIfe's answer "Who I Am!". Usually, only those 35+ are likely to have the necessary experience to gain sufficient Self-Knowledge to be uncovered, discovered, recovered and integrated. 

Maslow explained about how he arrived at the concept of self-actualization: “I confine the concept very definitely to older people. By the criteria I used, self-actualization does not occur in young people. In our culture at least, youngsters have not yet achieved identity, or autonomy, nor have they had time enough to experience an enduring, loyal, post-romantic love relationship, nor have they generally found their calling, the altar upon which to offer themselves.” 

I agree with Maslow. Looking back on my life with 72 years perspective, it is clear to me that I was only beginning to truly Self-Actualize, that is, maturely live Responsible Freedom, around 45. For it was not until then, when I met Katharine my "Other Half", that I began to value and practice the "Art of Loving" (Pairing, my website: Pairing Today which transformed my Love of Wisdom and Freedom into the Wisdom and Freedom of Love. Accomplishing that led me into an ever increasing Spiritual Spiral of Wisdom where I am today. I understand the Human Condition. I have "Sourced" myself and am able to be a "Resource" for you to do the same. Hence the domain name: Resource for Your Source.

Once your D-Needs have been met, Quoting from Theories of Personality by the Schultzes, you will be:

  • Free of constraints imposed by society and by yourself.

  • Not distracted by the lower-order D-efficiency Needs.

  • Secure in your self-image and in your relationships with other people.

  • Able to love and be loved in return.

  • Objectively aware of your strengths and weaknesses, virtues and vices.


I find very few who accord with my understanding of Self-Actualization. I have met many so-called “Self-Realized" or "Enlightened” gurus and teachers personally or through their devotees and works. But of these very few do I consider truly Self-Actualized in the way I live this concept and coach it with others. I make the claim that I am Responsibly Free and practice the ongoing Self-Actualization of Wisdom.

I realize I must prove this claim and I am quite willing to do so. I invite you to test my understanding of the Human Condition and my attainment of Self-Actualizing Responsible Freedom and compare it to others claiming something similar or more “advanced”. View any of my 36 videos on Youtube here – critically put me up against any of the teachers or gurus on Youtube who discuss Self-actualization, Self-realization, Enlightenment, Peak Experiences, Transcendence, God, Spirituality, etc. E.g., go here to view Leo Gura, a younger, very popular (millions of Youtube views) “Advanced Self-development” teacher for his “A Vision For The Self Actualized Life - Get Yo Ass Inspired!”. Now, go here and here for what I consider the “real thing” featuring Abraham Maslow in 1968 (Note: hundreds of views only). I invite any challenge. I am certain my Who AM I? is Who I AM!. You decide.


Coaching helps you set and achieve goals that brings desired change through using skillful questioning. I work with your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and crises concerning goals and change.

My coaching also includes counselling as an organic process that helps you understand your mental and physical suffering so as to heal yourself while gaining relief by feeling emotionally secure in the relationship. Counselling depends on mutual trust and openness. I work with you intimately to help you prepare for and adapt to loss so you can not only survive but learn to thrive by linking yourself ever more liberatingly and lovingly to life.

In all my coaching I am attempting to help you SELF-ACTUALIZE--to bring your "Must Be" into "Can Do".


Most Life Coaching is done over the phone—some research indicates up to 91%, either speaking or texting or both. I differ from the Herd as I hope you do. I favor and recommend visual conversation on Zoom or Skype. Intimacy is necessary and it can only come through "Facing" our Selves--risking showing ALL of who we are--the good and the bad. Seeing each other's face as we talk is essential in Self-Actualization Coaching that combines Life Coaching and Counseling (see above).


“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” Henry David Thoreau

My cost in U.S. dollars per hour varies according to your ability to pay and is between $0 and $100 (if you do not have money I will take your service as trade). The rate is decided when we first meet online (preferably Zoom but also Skype). I offer a no-charge 30 to 60 minute introductory first meeting so we can decide if I am right for you.



Please answer these questions together with me in our first, free, no obligation meeting to discover if we are rightly aligned to continue Self-Actualization Coaching. I hope you will feel secure enough with me to do this. Please feel free to decline to respond to any of these questions for whatever reasons with no need to explain.


  • Committed to your personal and professional development?

  • A lifelong learner?

  • Willing to acknowledge where you are stuck in your life?

  • Open to other ways of seeing the world?

  • Able to accept feedback?

  • Willing to try new behaviors?

  • Willing to reflect on your experience and observe yourself in action?

  • Willing to develop parts of yourself that may have been neglected?

  • Willing to challenge your present beliefs?

  • Willing to begin a relationship with the source of your dissatisfaction?

  • Willing to consider new possibilities for yourself?

  • Willing to ask yourself new questions?

  • Willing to take risks to change?

  • Willing to reinvent yourself?

  • Willing to not know?

  • Open to ideas other than your own?

  • Willing to experience more purpose and fulfillment?

  • Willing to let go of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you?

  • Willing to live with uncertainty and ambiguity?

  • Willing to engage in a process of introspection?

  • Willing to consider new strategies for success?


  • I am trustworthy and will provide CV and references to prove so.

  • I will support you so you are willing to share your vulnerability with me.

  • I will challenge you to the point of our mutual discomfort.

  • I will listen attentively, reflectively, with focused, heartfelt care.

  • I think different from you and 99% of the population.

  • I am available to you online as you want me including 24/7 anytime emergency contact.

  • I have a huge digital library of books, articles, mp3s and mp4s that I provide for no cost beginning with the book the above questions are taken from: Be Your Own Coach by Barbara Braham.

  • If we align rightly I will be not only your coaching partner but your Free Friend forever.


Feel free to ask me ANYTHING at ANYTIME! I really mean it when I say I am TRANSPARENT. That is, I have nothing to hide and everything to show. My motto: Nothing to Conceal, Nothing to Reveal, Only Reality with which to Deal.

My contact details in Auckland, New Zealand:

Cell phone: +64 (0) 224 094 035 (check dialing details when calling from outside New Zealand)


Skype: Jack Carney 

Join Jack's two Facebook Groups:

Climbing Mount Maslow (18+)

Mount Maslow Mentors (55+)

"Self-actualizing persons are concerned with fulfilling their potential and with knowing and understanding their environment. In their state of metamotivation, they are not seeking to reduce tension, satisfy a deficiency, or strive for a specific object. Their goal is to enrich their lives by acting to increase tension to experience a variety of stimulating and challenging events. Because their lower-order deficiency needs have been met, self-actualizers function at a level beyond striving for specific goal objects to satisfy a deficit. Thus, they are in a state of “Being,” spontaneously, naturally, and joyfully expressing their full humanity.” Theories of Personality by the Schultzes

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