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“Many adults lack freedom not so much because someone has stolen it from them as because they have thrown it away.” Thomas Szasz

No Gods, No Governments

“To be free, you have only to make the decision to be free. Freedom is waiting for you anytime you’re ready for it." Harry Browne

To cut yourself Free From the Matrix of the DNA GeneMeme Machine acquiring the Art of Articulating new Attachments. 

To find others who have Freed Ends and use them as they you to be the Means of Maintaining your Interdependent Freedom which can enable you together to safely climb Mount Improbable.

To learn to tie supplely Free Bonds rather than forge stiff Chains of Bondage. To cultivate those Free Friends tying slip proof Knots of Conscious Care that prevent crippling falls while allowing the necessary accidents that teach the Lesson of Loss which is Love. 

The world-famous World’s Smallest Political Quiz is a fast, fun and accurate assessment of a person’s overall political views. The Quiz is composed of two parts: a new political map that is far more accurate than the old “Left versus Right” line, and ten questions on specific political issues to help a Quiz taker find his place on that new political map. The Quiz challenges the dominant “Left versus Right” political model. The Left versus Right model tries to categorize virtually all political opinion into either left and right.The Quiz model is far more inclusive and accurate. It is based on the idea that virtually all political issues can be divided into two broad categories: Economic and Personal.

Economic freedom has been shown to correlate strongly with higher average income per person, higher income of the poorest 10%, higher literacy, lower infant mortality, higher access to water sources and less corruption. The life expectancy of people living in the most free nations is 20 years longer than for people in the 

least free countries. Economic freedom correlates strongly with higher self-reported happiness and is significant in preventing wars. Economic freedom is around 54 times more effective than democracy (as measured by Democracy Score) in diminishing violent conflict.

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