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Coach YOU INC.

Use ME to be more and better YOU to achieve Self-knowledge leading to Self-control and Other-empowerment:

Personally Responsible Freedom.

YOU are a Corporation.

Bottom Line = Meaning.

Billionaire or Bankrupt?

Invest in your Best Stock:


Meaning is not a given, something you discover outside yourself. Rather, it's a creation, an achievement from within.

"If you would know the whole of your own worth, Then in another person you will find your worth at work." Goethe

“The evils of our life come not from deep evil within us but from ungrown‑up responses to life. Our obligation, then, is to grow up. This is what our time requires of us. This is what may yet be the saving of us.” H.A. Overstreet, The Mature Mind.

Welcome, this is Jack, Coach YOU INC. 

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